hpd-250-60-SD3-P1-xx High pressure cleaning Equipment for surface preparation applications - diesel series 2500 bar
    Technical characteristics:
  • SKID for complete support of all the equipment
  • Booster pump fot water pre-charge and high efficiency filtration
  • Water tank with sensor min. level
  • Temperature sensor control
  • Pressure sensor control (water to charge)
  • Filtering system with 3 stages filtration (300-10-5 micron)
  • Electric cabinet with led controls and emergency bottom
  • Pressure control with electro-piloted accelerator
  • Max pressure safety device with special calibrated ropture disk
  • Manometer for high pressure series 4000 bar
  • By-pass with pneumatic remote piloting (on-off interventions)
  • Manual gun for cleaning operations - flexible hose to gun
  • Trolley for equipment transportation
  • Diesel powered
  • External and complete soundproofed carter
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