or removal of technical materials, also with high thickness, for a protective/technical purpose
Examples: piping and piping in general – technical/stamp cylinders – gum/metal manufactures – anti-vibration joints, etc…


  • The use of Airmation UHP systems allows stripping, i. e. a complete removal of coverings used with a technical/protective function, also with high thickness and density. Classic removal applications are usually executed in case of gums (from gum/metal manufactures), polyurethanes, polyethylenes, polyesters, bicomponents, resins, primers and putty, etc.
  • Possibility of removing completely and swiftly the covering regardless of the nature, the stiffness and the thickness of the covering used, down to the substrate of bare metal.
  • The process is highly efficient thanks to the possibility of removing the adhesive substrate composed of putty, primers, and highly adhesive covers.
  • This process of material removal together with the complete cleaning of the bare metal bed allows to avoid both sandblasting and grinding, usually necessary processes in the re-preparation of the manufacture.
  • Furthermore, a cleaning process that uses only water proves to be extremely deep and allows the primer, and the subsequent cover, to adhere more tightly to the surface than if treated with traditional technologies (e. g. dry sandblasting), which always leave residuals and inclusions on surface interstices.