Test center



for the configuration of automatic processing plants


for manual application and definition/configuration of automatic plants

A high technological testing centre is always available at Airmation, aiming to a full understanding of the cleaning and surface restoration processes obtained through the use of high pressure water.
This comprises the use of high pressure equipments, rotary guns both manual and automatic, rotary heads with multi-nozzles seat (2-3-5-6 jets or special ones), standard or special orifices, and possible special components to be prepared as well as connection and control equipment.
In case a development of automatic processes is required, it is available an Airmation ULTRAClean station equipped with a humanoid robot (6 controlled axis) and complete with a revolving board.
Essential features:

  • 6 axis robot
  • controlled positioning revolving board: 800 mm
  • maximum weight borne by the board: 300 kg.

It is also available one station for linear progress with controlled axis (L/tot guide = 2500 mm – h max 1500 mm adjustable).
Tests, according to specificity, are carried out with the assistance of one or two of our technicians, specialists in the field and, when required, with the assistance of a robotics engineer and of a high pressure plants design engineer.
This service is usually available when properly programmed and for a daily consideration. Our SAIT Assistant Service can be contacted.
Main offered services:

  • use of HP pumps and equipments (several powers – pressures – components)
  • use of humanoid robot or controlled systems
  • tests elaboration and realization
  • tests results evaluation
  • possible simulation of working processes
  • manufacture of new dedicated components
  • definition of the parameters of hydrodynamic power
  • definition and configuration in specific plants.