AUTOMATIC CLEANING MACHINE - FOR PIECES SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR - MINI HPB2400-Pxx SERIES The Airmation Automatic Cleaning Machine allows complete removal of plastic materials from plastic supports for plastic/metal inserts - rubber/metal. With this type of machine it is also possible the complete removal Of top coatings or coatings (plastic - resin - Paints - PA/PU - Rubbers, etc. ), irrespective of their hardness and thickness, restoring the original surface of the seam substrate. The online construction allows the treatment of each individual piece with the maximum precision of the result to be achieved. ESSENTIAL TECHNICAL ELEMENTS
Dimensions: max 2800 x 1100 x h 1900 mm
Support structure: entirely in stainless steel
Lower collection tank: entirely in stainless steel
Top closure: entirely in stainless steel (vista superiore con plexiglass)
Trattamento pezzotti: dim. 35 x 35 mm - 50 x 70 mm
Loading system of pieces: Elevatore pneumatico a palette con tramoggia - inox
System of orientation: Vibratore circolare con contenitore conico - inox
Transport system shall: Tipo rettilineo con spondine inox
Inverter product: Per regolazione velocità avanzamento (20-70 Hz)
Cleaning tool: Pistola UltraRotante pluriorbita serie AR
Rotating high speed gun: dato a richiesta (motore pneumatico moto-ridotto)
Terminal rotating head: 2 - 4 - 5 jet
Water recovery system (continuous recirculation): Filtrazione pluristadio (3 stadi)
Connection to Airmation ULTRACLEAN Equip.  
Power employed std.: 22 - 37 Kw
Pressure remove: dato a richiesta
Water consumption: 7 lt/min (escluso ricircolo)
Compressed air consumption: 900 Nl/min
  • Vasca e dragante trasporto per scarico residui
  • Esecuzioni con diverso dimensionamento per manufatti vari
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