(photos: The cleanliness of the historic center of a large town in northern Italy, as you can see from the photos, has already been entrusted, to the satisfaction of the city administration, to an Airmation Ultraclean plant of Ecopulitura City)



As a rule, cleaning of public surfaces, such as squares, is a routine operation that nowadays is carried out using chemical products, sandblasting (both dry or wet), or using mechanical abrasion in general. Processing techniques currently used show particular drawbacks together with damaging effects to natural stones, in general.

On the one hand, using chemical products involves the presence of polluting residuals that require an expensive disposal operation afterwords. On the other hand, sandblasting processes spread a great amount of sand that has to be collected afterwords; the same with abrasion methods that remove materials leveling out the ground to a lower level. It is also possible that both chemical residuals and sand remaining in surfaces interstices can cause poorly understandable interactions leading to a faster or earlier deterioration of surfaces. More traditional machines are also used to clean wide surfaces, without recycling water and using mechanical brushing, proving to be not completely efficient.
Airmation “Ecologic System” equipments are a NEW, greatly effective and fast solution for definitive operations of ecological cleaning and precise micro-washing of surfaces in urban environment.

Using only water taken from the supply network and without any emission of gas, dust or chemical residuals, it is possible to restore and clean successfully stone surfaces, such as marbles, granites and stones in general.
As a rule, our equipments can work on any kind of cover, provided that their power is properly adjusted, to selectively remove grimes, impurities and superficial sediments (chewing-gum residuals and graffiti included).
The proposed solution is based on the exclusive use of water from the supply network and compressed air. A fully equipped traveling unit supplies energy to some special motorized rotary guns, that emit a relatively small amount of water at an extremely high pressure and rotation, capable of removing any kind of sediment or impurity when the water collides with the surface at a very close range.
More specifically, Airmation workholding technology of employed ultra-rotary tools (Airmation FineJets series, manual or automatic tools) divides the cleaning power into a number of micro-jets with high kinetic energy and small mass.
The rotation given produces an undermining revolving imprint, highly efficient, that allows to clean the surface either gently or vigorously, according to the specificity of the removal process.
As a rule, a limited amount of water is enough for achieving high-efficiency.
Such an applicative specificity results from a highly advanced technology that is today used by Airmation for precise industrial cleaning processes, for gum removal from metal surfaces and, in general, for those processes that involve an accurate preparation of extremely fragile components.

In short, applicative advantages of Airmation technology are:

  • Quickness and efficiency: one quick rub only is enough to restore the surface
  • Mildness: as a rule, the natural stone below is not spoiled
  • Versatility: according to the stone type and the stage of filthiness, it is possible to adjust both power and rotation speed down to the minimum reading possible for achieving a complete restoration
  • Eco-friendliness: that often means cheapness, too, as chemical products are not employed and nothing else than air and water from the supply network is released.

Airmation machines enable to work anywhere both with electric or completely autonomous motorization, thanks to diesel engines and an integrated fuel tank. Cleaning tools allow both manual and automatic cleaning with the opportunity to collect removed deposits from the ground.

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Ecopulizia cittadina di superfici calpestabili, pavimentazioni e ciottolati con uso esclusivo di acqua di rete.


Ecopulizia cittadina di rivestimenti estetici, arredi urbani e pietre naturali, con uso esclusivo di acqua di rete e rimozione graffiti.


Ecopulizia cittadina con rimozione chewingum da superfici calpestabili con uso esclusivo di acqua di rete.


Ecopulizia cittadina di superfici calpestabili con rimozione chewingum e pulizia parti estetiche a vista.