Water flaming




Water flaming is a kind of surface treatment that employs only high pressure water (from 800 bar up to 2500 bar) without using abrasives for the processing of natural stones and aggregates in general. The water jet, pushed with high pressure against the surface, forms cavities more or less deep, separating less resistant particles or crystals in their junction point thus emphasizing both the natural color and the granulometric structure of the material.
The level of granularity achieved is in great extent due to the structure/composition of the material itself, to the pressure, the speed of rotation, the number of nozzles and their incidence on and distance to the surface treated.
Therefore, different surface finishes can be achieved by adjusting equipment parameters.
The equipment is complete, in working order and turnkey. It comprises what is needed for a completely automatized treatment (HPE unit, filtering and pre-filtering systems, HP bendable piping, special pipe fittings system, roller tables, rotary tools, sound absorbent cabin).
It is possible to apply to the equipment a PC-PLC, in order to control the network: every function is constantly monitored, through visualization and diagnostics. The PC can be also employed to store optimal work parameters, according to the processed material.
If deemed necessary, a periodic servicing (SAIT MPR) is offered, that provides checking for every component of the equipment.
Advantages in comparison with other methods of special finishing.

  • Processing applicable also in case of very thin thickness (5/10 mm depending on the compactness of the material), as the structure of the material treated dos not undergo mechanical or thermal stress.
  • Color is not altered as it happens with traditional flaming, that triggers yellowing phenomena.
  • The coarse effect is very natural, homogeneous and adjustable.
  • No pollutant is released.
  • The absence of abrasives in the water increase the working life of the equipment.
  • In addition to granites and silicates, as a rule the equipment works efficiently, when properly adjusted, also with: agglomerates, sedimentary rocks, crystalline marbles in which case the process frees the plane faces of the calcite crystals, giving the surface a particular play of glints.

Water flaming equipment for surface finishing of natural stones and aggregates in general